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Since when I was at a young age I knew that I loved drawing portraits. I always preferred to stay indoors than going outside to play with friends to have more time to draw. By time, as I grew older, there were things that I had to prioritise such as school then work. I did not go to any Art school as everyone kept telling me that you do not gain enough money to sustain yourself from it. 

As I grew older, I realised that I was stuck in a rut, work - home - go out with friends and repeat. It was not satisfying anymore, I wanted to do something that I would get lost in, something that would make me complete. 

One summer weekend back in 2011, I was at home alone, bored. I took a printer paper and a pencil and started sketching, first started to draw the eyes, then the nose, lips and before you know it I drew a whole face. Few hours had past without even noticing, and thats where I realised what my true passion was. I was completely lost in it. I started searching over the internet and stumb…

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